Trafficked widow escaped prostitution through help of fellow captive


Dubai Criminal Court was told that Uzbek national M A, 35, a mother of two,
lived in cramped conditions with her mother and brother when a neighbour
offered her the position.
“She [the neighbour] called on March 7 this year and told me that I will be
paid US$500 a month for child caring and cleaning the house as well,” said
the victim.
After receiving the offer, M A went to meet the neighbour, S, to arrange her
travel to Dubai.
When she arrived for the meeting, S was nowhere to be found. In her place
was a man who offered to help.
“A man identified as B, that S had told me about, came and offered to buy
my ticket and issue my visa then send me to a woman he knows in Dubai
who would help me find a job,” said M A. “Then, I would pay him back from
my salary.”
The money she owed would be paid to her employer in Dubai before being
transferred to B, the court heard.
M A stayed in the city, where she met B, for a further 12 days, until her visa
and ticket were ready for collection. During that time, her expenses were
paid for by B.
On March 19 this year, M A landed at Dubai International Airport and was
picked up by her compatriot, 44-year-old E A.
From there, the duo travelled to a flat in Sharjah, after which M A allegedly
had her passport seized and was told she had to repay US$10,000 in
“I told her that B told me it was only US$3000,” said M A.
The court heard that E A then told the victim she had to work as a
“I refused but I got frightened when she said she would send me to a gang
who would lock me up and give me away for sex seekers for the cheapest
prices,” said M A.
M A told the court she was taken to a flat in Dubai where she met other
women from her home country, all of whom had sex with men in exchange
for Dh20.
For over a week, M A gave her captors excuses for not going out to seek
customers. On her first day outside the flat, looking for men, she was able
to escape with the help of one of a prostitute.

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