Some Important Legal Queries and Case Law Citations

Some Important Legal Queries and Case Law Citations

  1. 2000 SCMR 296: If law provides more than one remedies against any order /decree or judgement, than no one allowed availing more than one remedy.
  1. PLD 2011 SC 260: Condition of any payments by husband in the event of giving divorce to wife as stipulated in NIKAH NAMA is not a valid condition and no such claim can be granted by court.
  1. 2009 PCr LJ 151: Violation of Section 103 Criminal Procedure Code makes the case of the person one of the further inquiry under section 497 (2)
  1. 2015 MLD 335: When no date, place, time and witness of an oral agreement was placed , decree in such like cases is exceptional.
  1. 1988 CLC 654 & 2003 CLC 737: Application for setting aside of ex-parte decree could not be decided in summary manner without framing issue and recording of evidence.
  1. 2010 SCMR 1254: If the question of title of a property was pending the complaint under illegal Dispossession Act regarding the same is not competent.

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