About Us:

We provide practical & emotional support and information  to the victim of crimes.


Victim Support And Development Foundation –VSDF is an independent non- governmental and not-for-profit organisation registered as association not for profit, under section 42 of the companies ordinance,1984 with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan  and has been working exclusively on victims of displacement, refugees, survivors of bomb blasts and extremism related issues since then , drawing inspiration from Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power along with UDHR, CEDAW and UNCRC, VSDF was established to act as an advocacy and service delivery organisation for victims rights.

VSDF is committed to help the underprivileged population anywhere in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir along with providing training to public, private and voluntary organisations in remote areas. Our team consist of psychologists, sociologists, social organizers, public health specialist, economists, lawyers, human rights activists and educationists. This organization operates independently of any political and cultural influences.

From its initial focus on protecting victim families, refugees and displaced communities, VSDF expanded its work (expended geographically and established its Civic Person Groups in Southern Punjab and KPK) to include other issues such as child labour, civic activism on/for/with women rights, education and violence against women and children.

VSDF would like to be instrumental in introducing the concept victim’s rights and in raising issues that are previously not part of the national debate. While realizing the importance of maintaining its independence, VSDF finds its useful to engage the government to convince it to keep commitments and bring about legislative changes where necessary.

We can listen to what’s in your mind

If you think that you have been the victim of crime or incident , Victim Support can help you . Our services are free and open to all sections of community.

You can get help from us immediately after a crime , or at later stage .

We provide help through :

  • Our dedicated legal team  and team of volunteers .

We provides emotional support


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