Our Philosophy


A Humanistic And Socially & Morally Rich Society Where Victimization Is Not Allowed


VSDF is committed to create a better future for the victim families of Pakistan through advocacy, service delivery, creating support system, networking, capacity-building and structural and policy change.


  1. To work for the promotion of justice and fairness for the poor, vulnerable and victims in society and to provide support to the victims in every respect including but not limited to legal, financial, physical and psychological health and treatment, safety, socio-economic uplift and advocacy thereof and to build capacity of organizations concerned with the welfare and provision of justice to the victims in society.
  2. To promote, coordinate, facilitate and provide economic and social opportunities and for the victims helping them in economic struggle and to mobilize and organize them for self-motivation and self-sufficiency.
  • To establish, maintain, run, manage and administer aid programmes providing relief and help to the needy, the poor and the destitute and to grant relief donation for and during calamities and undertake such charitable and philanthropic activities which in the opinion of the company would assist and benefit mankind and to work for alleviation of human sufferings from catastrophes.


*Commitment to victim support causes

*Caring and sharing

* Participatory decision-making

* Impartial and integrated

* Mutual trust and respect


  • Provision of legal-aid and social services to Victims, Refugees and Displaced Communities
  • Capacity building through knowledge sharing and training
  • Relief and rehabilitation services in catastrophes
  • Service delivery to children and women in difficult circumstances

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